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Why Should You Drink Alkaline Water?


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Water is so important that every civilization has found its origin near a water source only. Our bodies need both acid and base in a regulated manner to function properly. The recommended ratio is 51:49 in the favour of basic nature. During the course of our everyday chores, we tend to fill our bellies with a lot of food and beverages that tend to increase the pH of our bodies. Certain changes in our everyday habits can help us bring this pH level down. One of these changes can be to change our drinking habits. Keep reading to get to know how the simple act of changing your regular water with alkaline water can go a long way and also how to choose the best alkaline water machine.

What is Alkaline Water?

Everything that you see around you is either acidic, basic, or neutral in nature. Stuff that is basic in nature is also called alkaline. The nature of materials is determined by their pH value. If the value of pH for any material falls below 7, then that material is considered acidic in nature. A higher value signifies alkaline and an exact value of 7 signifies its neutral nature. Water, maintaining a pH of 7, is considered neutral in nature. When the pH level of water is changed so as to induce basic properties in it, it is called alkaline water. Such water has generally a pH between eight and nine.

Benefits of Alkaline water

In this ever-changing world, our life is becoming shorter and shorter. The different types of pollutants that have become a part of our daily life have taken a huge toll on our bodies. Our bodies are made up of seventy percent of water. Its being such a vital part of our bodies mandates us to fill them with its best variant. Various studies have found that the best variant is alkaline water. The following benefits bear testament to this claim

Provides your body with essential antioxidants

Your body releases antioxidants to combat the pollutants in your body. Alkaline water provides your body with these essential antioxidants to fight the pollutants. These antioxidants help fight your body with various viruses and bacteria, thus improving your immune system.

Helps you detox your body

The various bodily functions produce a ton of toxins. These toxins need to be purged from the body to keep your body healthy. The process of removal of these toxins is called detoxification. The alkaline nature of Kangen water helps our body detoxify easily.

Keeps your body hydrated

The nature of water is such that it gets absorbed in our bodies rapidly. This not only increases the metabolism of our bodies but also keeps us hydrated. The abundance of other elements found in kangen water machines in Delhi NCR such as potassium and magnesium helps our bodies in various other functions.

Maintain the pH level of our bodies

The word acidity is not uncommon to us. Most of us suffer from this ailment on a regular basis. The increase in the level of acid in your body is responsible for this anomaly. The alkaline nature of the water helps cancel out this excess acid in our systems. The overall pH of the human body is a little inclined towards alkaline nature. Whenever this balance changes, our body fails to perform efficiently. Kangen water machine in Noida keeps this balance intact and keeps our bodies healthy.

Helps you lose weight

Various studies have been conducted to substantiate this claim that Kangen alkaline water machine in Gurgaon helps you shed that extra fat easily. Albeit the exact reasons are not known but considering all its benefits ranging from high metabolic rate to detoxifying the body, such a result is not surprising.