(We Are a Global Distributor of Kangen Alkaline Water Machine)

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Features of Our Alkaline Ionizer

Equipped with multiple layers of filtration that only give out the cleanest form of water & LED Display gives it a modern & stylish look.

Alkaline Water of our machine works as the detoxifier for fruits and vegetables & Comes with Pre-Filter cartridge.

Equipped with intelligent and advanced membrane flushing system & Comes with 10 liters of water tank.

Large LCD panel gives you complete freedom to operate device as per your wish & Comes with protective storage.

It comes with antioxidants that prevent the growth of damaging cells inside our body

Gives out water of different pH level so that you can drink as per your choice.

We manufacture the best quality of Alkaline Ionizers in the industry. Our only aim of entering into this industry was to provide the best and affordable products to our valuable customers. Apart from the pricing part, we produce only best quality of products that are good for your overall health.

Our Alkaline Ionizers are fabulous and designed with futuristic approach. They feature an Aqua Reverse and Actiliv technology that has revolutionized the industry with its benefits. This technology gives you the most clean and safe drinking water. We understand the importance of water; hence our machines do not waste a single droplet of water.